In the past, a men’s piece of clothing, a symbol of masculine power, the pants are nowadays a necessary piece of clothing that is also highly appreciated by women.

Modern fashion approaches the hybridization of clothing typologies, precisely because evolution means overcoming prejudices.

The trousers were not only a sign of masculine power, but also of separation from the regiments. A woman wearing pants was accused of breaking the dress code. 

– Christine Bard,  Political history of trousers”.

In her shop, Izabela Mandoiu brings into attention the pants, cut on several typologies:

– The cigarette pants

-The flared pant

-Skirt trousers

-The pants with catrinta, some sort of half skirt, worn over trousers, dress or skirt 

pantalon stofa cu catrinta Izabela Mandoiu Pantaloni catifea din matase Izabela Mandoiu

Izabela Mandoiu supports cross-border creativity and the approach to male-specific cut lines:

We live in the age in which the androgen shows its influences, including in the clothing sphere. And men wear warm colors, just as it is no longer intriguing for women to wear pants or boyfriend jeans. We encourage the woman to dress herself with what she likes and compliments her, but also gives glamor to her attitude.– Izabela Mandoiu

Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn are icon women, who gave a new look to the pants, known as a piece of male fashion. It is our role to give this piece of clothing a chic note, specific to contemporary women.” – Izabela Mandoiu

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