The new year brings 365 days and it’s up to us to decide how happy they are. In terms of clothing choices, we have some fashion resolutions in 2018, but also recommendations that we share with you. 

1. Consume as much fashion as possible.

It is not  necessary to buy what the media promotes, but  the whole activity of knowing, informing is a must, because it cultivates your own tastes in the fashion sphere.

Reading how to wear clothing according to design, asymmetry, colors, how to accessorize, in time, each woman enriches her general culture with practical aspects for the wardrobe and her outfits.

2. Consider shopping not just a pleasure, but a therapy.

We know that shopping is on the 17th place on a scale of 20 reasons for happiness. Planning an online shopping spree or a visit to a Romanian designers’ showroom after a busy day can be the welcome therapy, as long as we propose it and we do not attribute to shopping the characteristics of other obligations.

The concern for a new fashion item calls for attention, disconnects us from the ones related to lucrative activities, and the acquisition brings us satisfaction.

3. Wear the colors that flatters your silhouette

The Pantone Institute, which has authority in color systems at international level, has declared violet the color of the year 2018. We recommend wearing colors that benefit each person as they please.

Sometimes we are subjective and we do not realize if a color fits us well or not. For these situations, we recommend consulting three sincere friends who will help you make the right decision.

It is not a bad idea to follow the stylist’s recommendations to inspire how we can associate purple clothing to create a harmonious or impacting color effect.

4. Quit buying for the sake of discounts.

Sometimes it is more expensive to buy discount pieces, which, afterwards, we do not know how to integrate into the wardrobe.  Moving them from side to side until we decide that they were not an inspired choice and throw them away or, in a favorable case, we give them as gifts, is not a good economic choice.

The attraction of reductions does not bypass anyone; and the satisfaction of a lower price is not a thought that dictates a practical choice.

We recommend that you ask for styling suggestions in the clothing showrooms you visit, and for online,  look for those shops that offer hints of styling.

5. Let’s organize our wardrobe.

You do not have to be fashion enthusiast to make good choices. Select the basic pieces. These are the ones that behave regardless the season or trend and do not lead to a failure clothing style. For an organised wardrobe we suggest you to make sure you have: the proverb t-shirt, the denim pants, the silk singlet, the shirt dress, the skirt, the leather jacket.

Traditional inspired pieces are not a trend, but a statement. And because we know that they give reasons for happiness to the wearers, we recommend that you have a typical blouse in the wardrobe, easy to fit into modern outfits and, of course, a traditional skirt, which can be the perfect accessory to any item which you already have in the closet.

If you do not have a piece of clothing with traditional motives yet, mention the Romanian motives on your fashion resolutions list for 2018.

6.  Avoid buying xerox pieces

We like uniqueness! Who does not like it? Just as well, we like clothes made of quality fabrics, which we do not wear only twice. If the description suits you, we recommend the proposals of Romanian designers.

You can find us in Alba Iulia Square, Theodor Sperantia 100 Street, from 10.00 to 17.00 and, with an appointment, we can establish a meeting that is convenient to your schedule.

Buying unique or limited edition pieces of clothing, you avoid the unpleasant situations of having the same dress as your colleague or the same outfit as another guest at an event.

7. Buy the right accessories

Accesoriile sunt soluția rapidă atunci când nu avem timp să căutăm o ținută adecvată evenimentului la care trebuie să mergem. O rochie din dulap, de care ne-am plictistit, poate fi valorificată cu o catrință sau o centură cu mărgele brodate.

Accessories are the quick solution when we do not have time to look for an appropriate outfit for the event we need to go to. A dress from the closet, which we are been bored with, can be redeemed with a traditional skirt or a belt with embroidered beads.

8. Plan ahead for important events.

The idea of ​​a dreamed dress can be disappointing if you start looking too late and no one can provide you the gown with a certain precious material, and the Romanian blouse for the traditional wedding dress will not be ready in less than four weeks.

Surely this point is amongst the list of fashion resolutions in 2018, as planned  moments deserve an enjoyable attitude and an unique happiness, specific to the moment of wearing.

9. Quit the clothes you do not wear anymore

It’s nice, but also easy to share, to make gifts. Sometimes, a simple session of arrangeing the wardrobe, with a degree of realism, can be completed with a considerable stack of almost new clothes, proper to be offered as a gift to less fortunate ones. There are ideas on the internet where you can send your clothes or offer them when you do not need them anymore.

10. Have a treasure piece in the wardrobe

This treasure item can be the mother’s dress we care about very much to, our grandmother blouse or perhaps a modern type blouse that we are very proud of. Treasure pieces of clothing are those items of clothing that you keep whatever you are, which you will present to your children as the most precious objects in the wardrobe.

Alina Vlad poartă ie Izabela Mandoiu - Shopaholica

Alina Vlad wearing Romanian Blouse  Izabela Mandoiu


These were some fashion resolutions in 2018, which we hope you consider useful suggestions.

We are waiting for you with more ideas at Atelier Izabela Mandoiu. Have a 10+ mark year!