Family, health, love, these are the most important reasons for Romanian women’s happiness, according to a national study by Izabela Mandoiu. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,000 people of Romanian nationality, respondents aged 15 to 55, people holding a device and internet connection.

Izabela Mandoiu cares about the feedback of her clients. In interaction with the audience, she noticed the reaction of delight at the sight of the pieces of clothing with the traditional motifs.

The research objectives were:

– finding the Romanian women’s motives of happiness, through questions with given answers and open questions;

– achieving a top 10 reasons for Romanian women’s happiness;

– finding the degree of interest for clothes with traditional motifs, related to the degree of interest in simple clothes;

– identifying the consumer behavior regarding clothing items.  

Following the research, the hypothesis that traditional motifs are motives of happiness was confirmed, while the hypothesis that classed shopping among the first 10 reasons for Romanians’ happiness was quashed. Of the 20 variants offered in the survey, obtained from a focus group, here are the 10 main elements that make Romanian women happier: family, health, love, freedom, knowledge, personal achievements, trips, relaxation, music, time spent in nature. Shopping is ranked 17th and the financial position is 14th out of 20th.

survey results about happiness motives

Designers statement

„As a nation, we are proud of the traditional treasures that Romanian culture and Romanian symbolism have to offer. The fact that our ancestors’ creativity is a source of inspiration and is appreciated at international level is an additional validation that traditional motifs are a great quest.

The results of the study „Motives of Happiness” claim that if a woman has to choose between a simple piece of clothing and one with traditional motifs, will choose the second item. I am proud of the fact that we have a top 10 motives of happiness that show us that Romanians love values ​​and appreciate everything that brings quality to life. I am glad to tell about this study to the ones I am going to interact with at Pure London, as we are participating for the first time at an international fair this year, „says Izabela Mandoiu.

Statement: 72 percent of the respondents consider that traditional motifs are motives of happiness.

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