The fashion market in Romania is constantly developing, both in terms of quantity and quality. And for this to be done in a profitable way for the producers, but also a good one for the customers, strategic marketing is a must. As a consequence, market research, constant analysis, and cooperation between all parties involved, are needed to debate, find solutions to potential problems and create a sustainable fashion industry framework.

Izabela Mandoiu graduated the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work and is passionate about the research stage when making the first steps of a project. Regarding the industry in which she works, fashion design, she believes that impact assessment, customer feedback are needed to the same extent as the initial research, because that is the only way to set new directions in the core strategy.

With the desire of cooperation between fashion industry stakeholders, we present the MKOR initiative. MKOR marketing agency carries out market surveys on a yearly basis, the information of which is useful to those working in the  industries.

The study of the online fashion market in Romania, made in 2016, had as an objective to find the wishes of the general public, whether Romanians buy clothes produced in Romania and if they were willing to pay extra for them, but also to what extent online retailers put disposing of their clients’ clothing articles Made in Romania. We have found out that clothing sales account for more than 10% of all online purchases.

In 2015, the value of clothing purchases in Romania went up by 170 million euros, 20% more than in 2014, according to MKOR Consulting.

The results reflect, in parallel, the retailers and consumers’ outlook on the online fashion market in Romania.

41% respondents buy clothes online once on a few months period of time. So, even if the interest for ecommerce is rising, the numbers do not show as much profit for online sellers as for abroad selling situations.

Romania online fashion research

Currently, MKOR prepares to conduct the 2017 study focusing on consumers and targets shopping habits (online & offline), triggers and motivators, for which the creators are waiting for challenges, ideas, suggestions at:

We encourage you to respond positively to research initiatives, as there is a chance to lead the fashion industry to a higher level.

Izabela Mandoiu team initiated a study, which is in progress, to find out the reasons for Romanians’ happiness and whether the shopping is among them, and to what extent are the traditional Romanian motifs a factor influencing the purchase of a clothing article comparing with choosing a simplistic item. The results of the designer’s study will include data on the desired framework for acquisition, the frequency and interest of Romanians towards the traditionalist symbolism approached by fashion designers.

All of this data helps both stakeholders and buyers to better understand industry and know how to relate to what the fashion market in Romania offers.