Romanian culture can be considered the richness of the nation, which we have to acknowledge, but also to develop, valorizing the most important traditional roots. Because she appreciates traditional art and the wisdom of old people, Izabela Madnoiu introduces into urban fashion the romanian proverbs embroidered t-shirts.

Ethnoculture is a trend that integrates elements of traditionalist popular culture in different areas of production such as fashion, design, deco, utilities, in order to attract buyers’ attention and give them a reason to purchasing decision.  Accountability is implicit, as each act that highlights and perpetuates the values ​​and traditions of the nation is a cultural initiative.

The first step of Izabela Mandoiu to bring romanian proverbs into attention of fashion enthusiasts began in 2015. She has launched an edition of romanian proverbs t-shirts with a simple design meant to emphasize the message.

The trend and the desire to provide a new design made the new t-shirts with sayings to be now computerized embroidered, with golden embroidery pattern, for a greater impact. The following are romanian proverbs of which you can choose the one you want to have on your own embroidered  t-shirt, signed by Izabela Mandoiu designer. 

The location of the photography is not chosen randomly. Urban space from the fountain enjoys a campaign initiated by 7up and created by artists, and we mention here Simona Taudor, urban professional knitter. She crocheted the decorative elements of the area, from the fountain to the benches and trees.

Photo credit: Gabriel Vlaicu – photographer for 7up Campaign

The fountain from the university is an important urban attraction. Because of its positioning, the fountain has witnessed many civic initiatives, therefore it is considered a symbol of liberty. Although in 2012 a project to modernize was proposed, the citizens opposed and thus, the space remained authentic, as it is now. 

Currently, as stated on iqads, between the 8th and the 25th of April, the area is colorful dressed, filling the space with fascination charm of knitting art. We love it, so we recommend to go see the Fountain area in spring clothes.

*The Illustrated outfit, like the rest of the spring collection products, is available on demand through private message on facebook or instagram, or on e-mail:

** For custom t-shirts with romanian sayings, remember to specify the desired proverb.

Proverb t-hsirt: 180 ron

Folds skirt: 380 ron

Photographer: Romina Banu 
Model: Larisa Lupoaea

Photo area for Street Style: University