The National Day was a good occasion for Izabela Mandoiu and Blouse Roumaine Shop to celebrate not only the day of Romanians people everywhere, but also the most representative country brand. 

„The Story of contemporary IA” is presented by a photo exhibition, supported by authentic Romanian exhibits, presented in the lobby of the Phenicia Grand Hotel, available for viewing and sale until December 22nd.

Izabela Mandoiu and Antoaneta Mareș – founder of Blouse Roumaine Shop sign the exhibits and they propose that, together, they will dress Romania with values, traditions, beauty!

Izabela Mandoiu - Antoaneta Mareș - Promovez Romania

Izabela Mandoiu – Antoaneta Mareș – Dan Posea Promovez Romania

„Romanian Blouses worth is invaluable, that is why we show our gratitude for the national treasure left by our ancestors and, because we feel responsible to carry the tradition further, we want to show through the photo exhibition that we, with the help of the village collaborators, coats from scratch, and even adapt them to the client’s coloring requirements, „says Izabela Mandoiu.

The Illustration Exhibition, signed by Gabriel Ghizdavu, reveals the way of Arges type IE, from the village to the catwalk. The exhibits show that the old IE can be stylized for a genuine urban look, and the new ones are still hand-woven, with passion, toil and mildness.

The Romanian Blouses presented are handmade, unique models, made especially by experienced women and younger women from villages. At the designer’s suggestions, they adapt the established style of different areas of the country to current expectations and trends.

The floral patterns of the traditional blouses in the Designer’s Workshop are specific to the Argeş area. It takes about a month to produce and sew. The declarative phrase of Izabela Mandoiu points to the values class ​​of beautiful sex representatives who wear her creations: Stories woven with values.

The work procedure combines traditional style and modern style with accent on traditional motives that give happiness to the wearers. The line with traditionalist influences implies three ways of working:

  • Ie woven from scratch, with women working in the country side;
  • Creations with computer embroidery, including cotton T-shirts with embroidered Romanian proverbs;
  • Minimalist design clothes with traditional applications made from old textile materials, purchased from the villagers from Argeş area and beyond.

The whole story of the contemporary, Argean-specific one, you can read it here.

Izabela Măndoiu has been creating traditional-inspired clothes since 2009 and set up the brand with the same name in 2014, enlighting the event Romanian Blouse. After realizing a study correlating the reasons for Romanians’ happiness to traditional motives, Izabela made a survival covenant to the Romanian Blouse, promising that this piece of clothing will always be present in her collections.

Organizers: Izabela Mandoiu, Blouse Roumaine Shop, Phoenicia Grand Hotel, Crama Budureasca

Media Partners: AlistMagazine,, Kudika, Garbo, Iia călătoare, Tărăncuța Urbană, Promovez Romania, DeȘ