8 days of Christmas, the song of Destiny’s Child leads us to the fact that we would like the holidays to have several days to experience the specific emotion, the magic of Christmas and the surprise of gifts discovery.

We strongly believe that the holy feast should not be strictly reduced to gifts and Santa Claus, but because giving is a sum of beautiful emotions. A gift is meant to be the materialization of the positive thoughts we convey to the dear, a message of gratitude and appreciation.

We made a short list of 10 gift ideas that you can make to yourself or to your loved ones:

1.A romanian traditional accessory – skirt look-alike – catrință

The skirt is made of a single piece of rectangular fabric, which the women use it to cover their body from the waist down. It can be worn over the trousers, positioned on one side, over a skirt or a dress.

2. A scarf with „showflakes”

We like to call the macrame worked in circular shapes „snowflakes”, which we applied on a scarf to be worn over the head. It can also be worn as a simple scarf to fill a gown.

naframa cu fulgi de nea Izabela Mandoiu

Scarf with snowflakes

3.Hand-embroidered belt

The belt is embroidered with beads, sewn by hand by our village collaborators. It can worn in the waist, with any simple piece of clothing,neutral color. It will give her a precious note and turn her into a notable one.

centura cusuta manual cu margele

Belt sewn with beads

4. Celebration Romanian Blouse

The monochrome Romanian Blouse is hand-sewn by the women of Argeş with toil and wrought. The gold gives it a princely look, which the Romanian blouse really deserves.

Ie de sarbatoare Izabela Mandoiu

Celebration Romanian Blouse

5. Little black dress

The black dress is almost a cliché, but not if it is embroidered with a model that imitates the Romanian traditional skirt-accessory. Gold embroidery is computerized and differentiates the dress in a pleasant way.

rochie catifea - Izabela Mandoiu

Embroidery velvet dress

Other proposals can be seen in shop or at our showroom, Theodor Speranția Street, No.100, S27, ap 64. Romania – Bucharest

Holidays with harmony!